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Overview: Technical Articles

Non-food: Countless forms, and how to package them


The term “non-food” covers a very wide field of the most diverse commodities. And each and every one of these commodities, whether screws, dishwasher tablets, flower bulbs, household detergents or cement mortar, needs its own specific packaging.
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Baked goods: Automated packaging for sensitive goods


Baked goods are popular, which lends them their enormous variety worldwide. Whether from the supermarket shelf or as frozen delivery – bread, bread rolls, croissants, pastries and cakes are sensitive foodstuffs that place high demands on production processes and packaging. Therefore, automation and digitalisation are also becoming increasingly important issues for the bakery industry.
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Industrial packaging: For safe travels around the globe


A large part of the goods that are produced globally is intended for export. All these goods often need to travel long distances and have to be safely packed for the journey. Therefore, the standards for industrial packaging for land, air and sea travel need to be high.
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Food: Packaging against waste


Food packaging today is so much more than just protecting the individual product. It is true that the most important function, from the moment of packaging throughout transport, storage and retail, is to ensure that the contents arrive in private households in one piece.
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The changing face of cosmetics packaging


Sustainability has been a megatrend for years also for cosmetics packaging. Manufacturers are more often using monomaterial that can be recycled, paper and renewable resources, often from waste products from agriculture and forestry, or from the food industry, for their packaging.
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Confectionery market: High turnovers and highly competitive


Most people enjoy a sweet tooth, but with the trend towards more sustainability, there is also an increase in demand for sweets with more eco-friendly packaging. This puts severe pressure on the confectionery industry to adopt packaging processes and materials which are gentle to natural resources. Many producers of packaging already are able to offer sustainable solutions.
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Packaging for beverages is growing more sustainable


PET or glass bottle, aluminium can, beverage carton or maybe even a paper bottle, single use or multiple use – there is a huge range of choices for packaging beverages. But which is the most sustainable? The focus has increasingly been placed on ecological aspects over the last few years in this sector.
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Pharmaceutical packaging: Safety is what counts


The demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing worldwide, with more and more medications being launched onto the market in ever shorter periods of time. Last year alone, turnover in the German pharmaceutical market – the largest in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide – was around 53.6 billion euros.
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